I am a historical reenactor who has spent the last 15 years working in the education sector. I am a member of the Taunton Garrison Historical Reenactment Group and their Official Historian. The Historical Reenactment Society can cater for all year groups from KS1 to KS4. We can custom design sessions and/or days around school timetables and a school's curriculum.

Be it: a Tudor barber-surgeon, a soldier from an Elizabethan Trained Band, a musketeer from the English Civil War, or a rebel and a  redcoat from the Monmouth Rebellion - we can provide your pupils with an inspiring and memory-making day!

Tailor made days - full reenactment clothing and equipment - interactive activities - parent & teacher workshops - whole school history day planning and much more. All our sessions are fully insured and staff are DBS checked.

Here's what we can do!

Tudor archery

Tudor Barber Surgeon

The Spanish Armada

The Gunpowder Plot

Tudor weapons display

Elizabethan life including: plots, enemies, exploration and pirates

English Civil War King vs Parliament

English Civil War battle talk

English Civil War weapons display

English Civil War dress a soldier

English Civil War drill (pupils as well!)

English Civil War Barber Surgeon

Leather Working

The Monmouth Rebellion 1685

Campaign talk

Weapons display royalist vs rebel

Military drill (pupils as well!)

Barber Surgeon

Diorama of battlefield to view

Dress a soldier

A battlefield tour is available for the Monmouth Rebellion

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